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SimEvents Examples

Feature Examples


Customizing Entities with Application-Specific AttributesModel
Initializing Entities from External Data SourcesModel
Customizing Entities with Multidimensional DataModel
Modeling Multicomponent Parts using Combiners and SplittersModel
Generating Entities as a Markov-Modulated Poisson ProcessModel
Resource Allocation from Multiple PoolsModel
Replicating EntitiesModel
Varying Entity Generation Times Via FeedbackModel

Queues and Servers

Comparing Queue-Server CombinationsModel
Comparing Prioritized Queuing PoliciesModel
Defining a Variable Capacity QueueModel
Comparing Types of ServersModel
Comparing Single Server With N-ServerModel
Comparing Server Preemption PoliciesModel
M/M/1 Queuing SystemModel
M/D/1 Queuing SystemModel
G/G/1 Queuing System and Little's LawModel
Modeling Variable Size Buffers Using QueuesModel
Preloading Queues with EntitiesModel
Flushing Entities From Queues Using RoutingModel


Routing Entities Using SwitchesModel
Comparing Routing Using Path Combiner and Input SwitchModel
Controlling Entity Flow Using Release GatesModel


Measuring Entity Delays Using TimersModel
Scheduling Timeouts for EntitiesModel
Fine-Grained Management of Simultaneous EventsScript


Converting Events to Function-Call SignalsModel
Managing Random Seeds for Event And Entity GeneratorsScript
Managing Seeds During Random Number GenerationScript
Using Entities And Events to Generate Pulses of Varying WidthsModel

Statistics and Visualization

Estimating Entity Arrival RatesScript
Comparing Event and Entity Counting ScopesModel


Debugging Discrete-Event Simulations: Basic Single Stepping and Querying (9 min, 44 sec)Debugging Discrete-Event Simulations: Basic Single Stepping and Querying (9 min, 44 sec)Video
Debugging Discrete-Event Simulations: Breakpoints and Advanced Querying (7 min, 20 sec)Debugging Discrete-Event Simulations: Breakpoints and Advanced Querying (7 min, 20 sec)Video

System Architecture Applications

Architecture Analysis of a Distributed Video Processing SystemModel
Data Transfer Between Asynchronous ProcessorsModel
Task Scheduling in an Operating SystemModel
Task Prioritization in an Operating SystemModel
Time Slicing in a Shared ProcessorModel
Task Preemption in an Operating SystemModel

Communications Applications

Asynchronous Timing in a Bit Timing Recovery Model
Uses: Communications System Toolbox
Comparing Routing PoliciesModel
Communication Protocol Modeling in an Ethernet LANModel
Packet Communication Using EntitiesModel
Packet Communication within a Go-Back-N ARQ SystemModel
Packet Communication within a Selective Repeat ARQ SystemModel
Bandwidth-Limited Communication Channel Modeling
Uses: Computer Vision System Toolbox

Controls Applications

Modeling Load Within a Dynamic Voltage Scaling ApplicationModel
Effects of Communication Delays on a Flight Control SystemModel
Effects of Communication Delays on an ABS Control SystemScript

Process and Logistics Applications

Sharing Resources in a Batch Production ProcessModel
Modeling a Kanban Production SystemModel
Distributing Multi-Class Jobs to Service StationsModel
Supervisory Control of a Conveyor Belt SystemModel
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