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User Stories

  • Alcatel-Lucent -  Alcatel-Lucent Develops DPD System for Multicarrier GSM Transceivers with Model-Based Design
  • BAE Systems - SDR -  BAE Systems Achieves 80% Reduction in Software-Defined Radio Development Time
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute -  ETRI Develops Modem Synchronization Technology for Fourth-Generation Mobile Telecommunications System
  • Faraday Technology Corporation -  Faraday Accelerates SIP Development and Shrinks NAND Flash Controller ECC Engine Gate Count by 57% with Model-Based Design
  • FLIR Systems -  FLIR Accelerates Development of Thermal Imaging FPGA
  • Harris Corporation -  Harris Accelerates Verification of Signal Processing FPGAs
  • Infraredx -  Infraredx Accelerates FPGA Development on First-of-Its-Kind Intravascular Imaging System
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems -  Lockheed Martin Develops Configurable, Space-Qualified Digital Channelizer
  • Philips Healthcare -  Philips Healthcare Develops Smart Digital RF Power Subsystem for MRI Systems
  • Sandia National Laboratories (1) -  Sandia Implements a High-Performance Radar Receiver Using MATLAB, Simulink, and Xilinx DSP Design Tools
  • Semtech -  Semtech Speeds Development of Digital Receiver FPGAs and ASICs
  • Siglead -  Siglead Shortens Development Time for FPGA and ASIC Signal Processing Systems for Storage Devices
  • Yokogawa -  Yokogawa Electric Develops Key Components for Next-Generation Optical Networks with Simulink and Mentor Graphics ModelSim
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