Aerospace Toolbox

Visualizing Flight Data

Aerospace Toolbox provides three options for visualizing flight data. First, the interface to FlightGear flight simulator lets you visualize vehicle dynamics in a sophisticated 3-D simulation framework. You can play back flight-test data through FlightGear and quickly reconstruct behavioral anomalies in your flight-test results. Aerospace Toolbox includes functions for controlling the position and attitude of a vehicle in FlightGear flight simulator by using double-precision values of longitude, latitude, altitude, roll, pitch, and yaw from MATLAB. Second, the interface to Simulink 3D Animation lets you use your flight data to control vehicle position and attitude in a virtual-reality scene. You can customize this scene, for example, by adding other vehicles. You can also visualize space flight. Third, MATLAB animation objects let you animate six-degrees-of-freedom motion within the MATLAB environment.

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