Bioinformatics Toolbox

Key Features

  • Next Generation Sequencing analysis and browser
  • Sequence analysis and visualization, including pairwise and multiple sequence alignment and peak detection
  • Microarray data analysis, including reading, filtering, normalizing, and visualization
  • Mass spectrometry analysis, including preprocessing, classification, and marker identification
  • Phylogenetic tree analysis
  • Graph theory functions, including interaction maps, hierarchy plots, and pathways
  • Data import from genomic, proteomic, and gene expression files, including SAM, FASTA, CEL, and CDF, and from databases such as NCBI and GenBank

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NGS browser, circular DNA map, and secondary structure of RNA sequence.

NGS browser (top), circular DNA map (bottom), and secondary structure of RNA sequence (left). Bioinformatics Toolbox includes the NGS Browser app for visualizing sequence data.

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