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Acoustic Ideas Toolboxes for MATLAB

Tools for phased array, ultrasonic, non-destructive evaluation (NDE)


  • Handles arbitrary probe geometry and number of elements
  • Compatible with leading phased array NDE hardware and software
  • Lets you write your own applications using our routines
  • Handles both flat and cylindrical interfaces
  • Provides synthetic aperture beamforming which expands hardware capability
  • Enables defect identification and SNR computation from image


Acoustic Ideas Toolboxes for MATLAB_image
The four Acoustic Ideas Toolboxes for MATLAB allow computation of ultrasonic focusing parameters for phased array probes, import/export to phased array instrumentation, ultrasonic field simulation, and calibration of malformed phased array probes. The Focal Law Calculator Toolbox computes the focusing delays for ultrasonic probes of arbitrary shape, size, and complexity through flat and curved surfaces. Leading NDE instrumentation file formats are supported, allowing direct upload of focal laws to phased array hardware. The Ultrasonic Data Processing Toolbox allows import of data files generated by leading phased array NDE instruments into MATLAB for analysis. The Ultrasonic Field Simulation Toolbox allows the shear and longitudinal wave fields generated inside components from phased array probes of arbitrary complexity to be computed through flat interfaces. The Probe Calibration Toolbox uses optimization techniques to find the true shape of ultrasonic probes from experimental measurements of reflections from a target.

Users include scientists and engineers working to expand the growing number of applications of phased array, ultrasonic NDE. Each toolbox is a collection of MATLAB executables that are called from within the MATLAB environment, either from the command line or in MATLAB scripts. Alternatively, with the use of the MATLAB Compiler, users can create their own standalone applications incorporating Acoustic Ideas and MATLAB functions.

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