Image Acquisition Toolbox

Extensible Hardware Support

Image Acquisition Toolbox supports several industry standards including DCAM, Camera Link, and GigE Vision digital interfaces, as well as common interfaces including DirectShow, QuickTime, and video4linux2. The toolbox is also supported across Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems, enabling you to reuse code and transition designs to other systems. In addition, the toolbox provides specific support for some manufacturers, enabling proprietary features and increasing performance in image acquisition. For more information see the supported hardware page.

Adaptor Kit

Advanced users who want to customize or connect to different cameras can extend support through adaptors connecting the toolbox with third-party drivers. An adaptor is a communication layer between the Image Acquisition Toolbox acquisition engine and a third-party SDK and drivers. The adaptor enables access to proprietary camera features that may not be available through industry standards, improves camera performance, and enables logging and triggering options. The toolbox documentation provides an adaptor kit and example code detailing the development process.

Building an adaptor typically requires extensive knowledge of a vendor’s SDK; as a result, several manufacturers have written adaptors in partnership with MathWorks and made them available on their Web sites. Visit the supported hardware page for more information on available adaptors and to request support for specific hardware vendors.

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