Instrument Control Toolbox

Supported Devices, Instruments, and Protocols

Instrument Control Toolbox supports instruments and devices that provide IVI (IVI-C and IVI-COM), VXIplug&play, or MATLAB instrument drivers. The toolbox also supports control and configuration of LXI instruments for developing test systems.

The toolbox also lets you communicate with any instrument or device using text-based commands over the following supported protocols:

  • GPIB (HPIB, IEEE-488) interfaces from Agilent Technologies, Capital Equipment Corporation, CONTEC, ICS Electronics, IOTech, Keithley, Measurement Computing, and National Instruments
  • VISA standard, including interfaces for GPIB, VXI, GPIB-VXI, USB, VISA-PXI, TCP/IP, and serial from Agilent Technologies, National Instruments, and Tektronix.
  • TCP/IP and UDP interfaces, for connecting to networked instruments or remote applications using both client and server sockets
  • Bluetooth serial interface, for connecting to Bluetooth devices
  • I2C interface for communicating with chips and circuit boards using a host adaptor
  • Serial interfaces, including RS-232 and RS-485

See Supported Hardware for complete information on using Instrument Control Toolbox with your hardware.

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