Phased Array System Toolbox

Waveform Design and Analysis

Phased Array System Toolbox supports waveform design and analysis for many common waveforms, including:

  • Constant frequency (PCW)
  • Linear frequency modulation (LFM)
  • Stepped FM
  • Frequency modulation constant waveform (FMCW)
  • Phased coded waveforms

The system toolbox provides a number of configurable parameters for each waveform, such as pulse repetition frequency (PRF), sample rate, pulse duration, and bandwidth. You can also design waveforms with staggered PRFs to address blind-speed problems in moving target indicator (MTI) systems. Waveform envelopes can be either rectangular or Gaussian weighted.

The system toolbox also provides apps and functions to visualize your waveform design, such as the ambiguity function (AF). The AF provides insight into the waveform characteristic in terms of range resolution, Doppler resolution, and the coupling between range and Doppler. It also provides the ideal matched-filter response.

Ambiguity function for a stepped FM waveform.
Ambiguity function for a stepped FM waveform.
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