Performing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulations

SimDriveline models can be configured specifically for real-time simulation and converted to C code, enabling you to perform HIL tests. Many components in SimDriveline can be configured to use abstracted behavioral models, ideal for real-time simulation. Using Simscape local solvers, you can speed up your simulation by using a fixed-step solver for your physical system and independently choosing a different solver for the rest of your model.

Solver configuration for dual-clutch transmission model.
Solver configuration for dual-clutch transmission model. A stiff fixed-step solver is used for the physical system (shaded pink) and an independent fixed-step solver is used for the rest the model (shaded blue).

You can generate C code from your SimDriveline models using Simulink Coder. The generated code can be used to run HIL simulations on real-time processors that interface directly with hardware. This enables you to test your control algorithms without relying on hardware prototypes.

Simulating In Real Time: Hybrid Electric Vehicle 4:32
Configure multiple, independent solvers to enable real-time simulation. The model of a hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) is simulated on a real-time target.

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