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Mapping and Geospatial Data Analysis Using MATLAB

In this webinar we present key features in the Mapping Toolbox including creating maps, accessing Web Map Service (WMS) servers, analyzing terrain data, performing geodetic calculations and numerical simulations. The webinar also highlights related toolboxes that complement geospatial applications such as Image Processing Toolbox and Parallel Computing Toolbox.

Key mapping functionality include:

• MathWorks introduction
• Mapping Toolbox introduction
• Oil spill simulation: shapefile, map creation, numerical simulation
• Weather avoidance: WMS, image processing, geographic calculations, navigation
• Terrain analysis: digital elevation models, KML export, viewshed
• Related toolboxes

Die Arbeitsweise der folgenden Werkzeuge wird gezeigt

  • Mapping Toolbox

Aufgezeichnet: 9 Dez 2009